Machine Condition Monitoring in Dollars & $ense Seminar

2-Day Seminar Outline and Overview

Machine condition monitoring is essential to managing plant maintenance because it enables corrective maintenance of equipment to be performed on-condition, thus minimizing unscheduled downtime, collateral equipment damage during a failure event and reducing health, safety and environmental risks. It also enables us to avoid the execution of irrational, "hard time" replacement or rebuild of the assets based upon hours, cycles, miles, etc., which has proven over the years to have a neutral, or in some cases, even a negative effect on reliability due to early life failures associated with flawed new parts and workmanship. Condition monitoring is also essential for improving the reliability of our assets by supporting proactive control of the primary root causes of machine failure - misalignment, unbalance, looseness and poor lubrication.

Taught by Drew Troyer, one of the world's leading authorities on manufacturing and process plant reliability engineering and management, Machine Condition Monitoring in Dollars & $ense takes a holistic look at machine condition monitoring and relates it to organization objectives of profit, safety, return on net assets (RONA) and, ultimately, share price. In Machine Condition Monitoring in Dollars & $ense, you'll learn how to:

  • Develop a business-focused machine condition monitoring initiative that is balanced with respect to finding failures and preventing failures.
  • Integrate all the key technologies required to assure machine health.
  • The secrets to cost justifying your condition monitoring program by showing how it positively affects your company's profits.
  • Troubleshoot common machine problems using integrated condition monitoring in an interactive workshop.
  • How to identify and eliminate common machine failure modes and causes.

This course provides delegates with a comprehensive view of machine condition monitoring strategy and applications. It relates machine condition monitoring to reliability strategy, Lean objectives and the financial performance of the firm. Managers need this course to understand how machine condition monitoring drives business performance. Engineers need this course to learn how to incorporate machine condition monitoring information into process management, design and supply chain management optimization. Machine condition monitoring technologists need this class to understand how to present their value proposition to management and to see the big picture and avoid the trap of being solely focused on their technology of specialization.

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