Reliability System Deployment (RSD) in Dollars & $ense™ SWOT Analysis and Strategic Planning Session

Event Overview

Our flagship consulting service - we utilize an efficient approach to identify your Strengths and Weaknesses along 12 key dimensions of plant reliability management. Unlike conventional consultants, we don't "audit" you. Rather, we teach your team what effective reliability management looks like, then facilitate a systematic process whereby your team grades itself. We report your team's assessment of strengths and weaknesses and the coefficient of consensus - the degree to which your leadership agrees about the organization's Strengths and Weaknesses. This is important because until your team achieves consensus on your Strengths and Weaknesses, any effort to change business processes will be severely handicapped.


Then, we turn our attention to the macroeconomic analysis of your Opportunities. What would your organization's profitability, return on net assets (RONA) and share prices look like if you "moved your dot" from your current percentile performance level to the level you know you're capable of? We look at revenue, costs, net operating asset in place (NOAP) and man-hour utilization to estimate the Opportunity. Again, the process taps into the collective wisdom of your team, we don't tell you to do anything, we're merely subject matter experts and facilitators - which is the way we like it. Consultants don't change your organization, we only provide the education tools and support required to enable you to do so.


Once we have a good idea about your Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities, we turn our attention to our potential Threats to success and the development of a strategic plan and timeline to guide the transformation process. The great thing about this process is that you own the results and we accomplish it in five days or less!

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