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Industrial Action Services, Inc. (IAS) is the world's premier provider of On-Site Fluid Purification, System Decontamination and Engineered Maintenance and Condition Monitoring services.

IAS has perfected an extensive assortment of world-class technology and services for a wide array of industrial applications. With our extensive experience in the industry, composite team of rotating equipment and fluid system experts, our range of value-added services and our commitment to quality, IAS is committed to deliver at the highest levels of service and meet or exceed all project expectations. With IAS you can count on speed, precision and reliability in all aspects of our projects and project management.

We rely on our years of expertise and the application technologically superior tools of the trade to purify and decontaminate fluid and fluid systems to a level otherwise unattainable through conventional methods. This high level of cleanliness (exceeding aerospace requirements) allows plant equipment, including but not limited to rotating, reciprocating, heat transfer, process, fuel and steam systems function at their peak of reliability and allow the plant to realize following benefits:


  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved safety
  • Shortened maintenance intervals with less replacement costs
  • Reduced wear rates
  • Lower overall operating expenses
  • Ensured system cleanliness
  • Ensured fluid cleanliness
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reliable equipment start-up / extended operation


The processes utilized by IAS are unique and are not available through conventional industrial service companies or the original equipment manufacturers (OEM). In fact, IAS routinely performs these services, in many cases, under direct contract from the OEM, in order to ensure successful equipment pre-commissioning or re-commissioning and an improved overall asset lifespan. Many of the features that make the IAS process unique include:

  • Attention to EH&S (environmental health and safety) excellence
    • IAS has a perfect safety rating which has been maintained since the company's inception. In fact, IAS provides a lead safety coordinator on most major projects.
  • Turn-key service offering
    • Because the processes and methods used by IAS to decontaminate fluid systems and purify fluids in a fast and reliable manner are so specialized, IAS provides a truly hassle free project, complete with all manpower, consumables and equipment.


  • Trained and certified personnel and managers on-site
    • Each phase of an IAS project is executed, managed and monitored by trained and certified employees. Both technicians and project managers hold industry and professional organization certifications in engineering, lubrication, reliability and other areas of specialization. This training ensures that the each project is completed by competent and specialized professionals.


  • Real-time & independent laboratory fluid analysis
    • Before, during and after the completion of an IAS project, fluid analysis is conducted. This analysis is not only performed by an independent laboratory as a validation method after-the-fact, real-time ISO laser particle counting, API process screening, micro-photo analysis and several other on-site fluid analysis steps are conducted in real-time, during the process to ensure that the project is completed properly and that a measurable endpoint is determined through the scientific method.


  • Full-flow, sub-micron, Micro-Filtration
    • IAS utilizes the most advanced filtration process in the world today. This process is over 99.8% effective at the 0.2 micrometer level on the first pass. This high level of advanced filtration ensures not only that the system is many more times cleaner than normal (approximately 5,000 times cleaner than new oil out of the tank or drum), it also allows the flushing and decontamination process to be completed in a fraction of the time which would otherwise be necessary utilizing only conventional methods. This reduces outage times and improves equipment life and performance. Typical ISO 4406 Particle counts are at or below 12/10/7


  • Supplemental purification process
    • IAS is unique in the way that a system's fluids are handled during a project. Additional purification methods, which include charged particle agglomeration, electrostatic precipitation, vacuum distillation, de-oxidation agent (DOA) fluid treatment, are implemented simultaneous to the other elements of the project thereby ensuring all forms of contamination are removed and kept from re-entering the fluid or the fluid system during the project.


  • Purpose-built equipment
    • IAS utilizes only the finest grades of process equipment in the industrial arena. IAS is able to utilize 316L grade materials of construction, variable frequency, positive displacement pumping systems (attains the highest cleaning force ratios and Reynolds Numbers possible), small footprint skids, and enclosed equipment trailers. No other service entity can match the design and performance characteristics of our flushing and purification equipment. This excellence in equipment application and design ensures that all IAS projects are completed successfully and on time or ahead of schedule. 


  • "True" Turn-Key Chemical Cleaning Process - Never outsourced to a 3rd party
    • IAS has engineered a customized process for conducting system degreasing, chelation (process to remove rust and scale build-up which is especially useful in carbon steel systems) and system passivation. While other companies typically add chemical additives to the oil, resulting in excessive oil disposal and the often unnecessary requirement of a purchase of new fluid, IAS utilizes a water-based chemical process, while storing and purifying the existing system fluid right on-site, to not only avoid unnecessary costs associated with fluid disposal but to also ensure a quicker and more comprehensive system flush & decontamination. The IAS chemistry is extremely unique because it is environmentally friendly, effective at near-ambient temperatures, inexpensive to dispose of and safe to handle.


  • Familiarity with plant equipment and required operational specifications
    • IAS is fortunate to have a composite team of some of the most highly trained and certified professionals in our industry. These professionals bring an unmatched level of expertise, familiarity and work ethic to each and every project. OEM specifications, industry benchmarks and customer-driven project goals are paramount as IAS strives to exceed conventional expectations. This expertise and familiarity has been achieved through years of project execution and communication with both customers and OEM representatives for all types of industrial equipment.


  • Piping, hoses, fittings and pipe-fitting provided turn-key
    • IAS utilizes the highest quality fittings, hoses, valves and other necessary equipment to connect to systems we process. These hoses and fittings have a 400% safety factor and are engineered to be safe and effective for the specific process being conducted. All materials and equipment undergo routine inspections and receive third party examinations on a standard basis. IAS is also unique in the way that the system's flow circuitry is engineered and installed. All phases of a project, including a system's flow pattern are reviewed by one of our on staff experts and further verified by one of our project managers. This auxiliary flow circuitry is connected utilizing trained and experienced technicians provided by IAS and any removed or relocated components are labeled, inventoried, decontaminated and sealed for re-installation. 
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