Asset Maintenance Management



DMSI's approach to the field of reliability and maintenance is to provide innovative and flexible software tools that meet the varied demands of our customers. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only software company that has successfully brought together maintenance management, work orders, predictive maintenance, data collection and analysis, and asset basic care in a single offering. Our customers benefit by having automatic integration of what normally constitutes three separate software systems (EAM/CMMS, PdM, and TPM/inspection systems). Other companies have strengths in individual areas, but we are unique in having the complete package (both products and service capability) in a single system. 

The DMSI Philosophy:

  • Provide products that are innovative, comprehensive and user-friendly.
  • Satisfy customers with superior quality, value and service.
  • Promote long-term relationships with customers and employees.
  • Follow business practices that benefit the maintenance and reliability community.
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