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MAINTelligence is one system that handles maintenance management, work orders, condition based maintenance, data collection and analysis, and asset basic care. The benefit is that it provides users with automatic integration of what normally constitutes three separate software systems (EAM / CMMS, PdM, and TPM / inspection systems). MAINTelligence is used in hundreds of sites worldwide, ranging from some of the world’s largest industrial operations to single remote sites. It is used to manage Asset Basic Care programs (operator-based reliability initiatives), condition based maintenance programs and as a CMMS system. Industry standards such as XML and SQL/ODBC are used to ensure that MAINTelligence data can be easily integrated into the most sophisticated distributed environments. Our low administration database reduces the need for advanced IT personnel to maintain and support the system. MAINTelligence has built-in features to allow it to work with existing enterprise management and plant control systems. As well, our open architecture allows third party development of instrument interfaces and data access methods. MAINTelligence does not restrict access to its database in any way. We work with our customers to utilize the maximum amount of their current maintenance hardware and software investments. As a result, there are over fifty (50) drivers that make MAINTelligence compatible with a range of instruments, oil labs, ERP / EAM systems and online data acquisition systems. MAINTelligence is incredible functionality, constant innovation and maximum value the intelligent approach to maintenance.


Asset & Maintenance Management

MAINTelligence is the leader in the field of automated equipment inspection. MAINTelligence InspectCE handheld software is versatile enough to handle:

• Operator and Reliability (Asset) Basic Care
• PM, Safety and Environmental Routes
• Work orders – managing and tracking.

Don’t let inspection data go into the trash can - turn your inspections into a valuable resource for monitoring equipment health, improving safety and increasing production. Replace your clipboard and capture the knowledge of your aging workforce with MAINTelligence. Our handheld units are designed to be rugged, easy to use and effective both for operations and maintenance personnel.


Condition Monitoring

MAINTelligence is the only system you need to build a comprehensive machine condition monitoring program. Build a fully integrated equipment health monitoring system using ALL of the available monitoring technologies:

• Vibration analysis
• Lubricant analysis,
• Ultrasonic measurements,
• Thermography,
• Motor monitoring

All the technologies reside in one program and in one database.


Asset and Maintenance Management

MAINTelligence is a full-featured maintenance management system (CMMS) with advanced scheduling capability, asset tracking, spare parts management, root cause failure analysis and purchasing / procurement capabilities. Track work requests, work orders, tools, personnel, parts inventory…and much more! The SmartSchedule™ system lets you trigger work orders by calendar, meter value, operation state and machine condition.


Intelligent Diagnostics

MAINTelligence’s intelligent agents for equipment health assessment and work scheduling are fully customizable to create a complete, integrated and automated equipment reliability system. The diagnostic tools review and analyze large amounts of machinery vibration, lubrication and inspection data, using the extensive libraries for high performance diagnostics.

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