Who We Are

Vector Reliability Solutions is a company that's sole purpose is to connect educated maintenance and reliability professionals with the product, software and service solutions they require to accomplish their goals. The key term - "educated." Anchored by the technical leadership and global reputations of our leading industry experts, we have partnered with companies that offer a high quality solution at a fair price.

Our vision is being able to offer all industrial sectors access to a diverse range of best in class products, direct from OEM to you the customer, at a fair market price.

Reliability of equipment assets is critical to your success.  Competition for skilled reliability engineers and technicians is fierce.

We are focused on the maintenance fundamentals that promote and support improvement initiatives. So no matter what the maturity of your business, nor what you mine or manufacture, we have both the products and technical integrity to improve your bottom line.

Equipment reliability requires proactive maintenance of the root causes of machine failure. For fixed and mobile plant equipment, that means keeping the machines Fastened (tight), LubricatedAligned, and Balanced.

At Vector Reliability Solutions, we’re dedicated to supplying you with the tools, products, training and advice you need to meet your goals.


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